Haunted Trees

Have you ever had the feeling you are being watched by the very friendly1601192_10201559165968165_1071567930_n trees in your own backyard. They stand there day after day looking in your windows and watching your every move of your entire family. They may seem nice but they have seen your wife naked and they have seen what you do when you are by yourself. You can never trust such odd creatures. You must have all of them cut back very soon. You don’t need to kill all of them, you need some to create oxygen after all. You may need a good tree service wichita ks to come out to your hoe and trim all those peeping tom trees so you don’t have to worry about your nasty habits getting viewed from way up above the normal windows. So take a look around your property and see if you feel the need to trim any of those pesky plants. Setting up a maintenance plan is also a key to keeping yourself happy, safe and out  of site from those prying eyes. You may even have some interfering trees that need to be dealt with. for these you can contact a good tree removal wichita ks company at this link here. Save the phone number and then go to all of your neighbors and point out which trees you think should be removed to clear of your view or to safe yourself from a falling branch or a lawsuit from a falling branch.

So keep the phone number and help out any friends or relatives that might need a good gardener or tree trimmer in your area. Share the good new that you have a professional bonded and licensed tree trimming wichita ks. They are insured and have been trimming trees in the Wichita Ks are for years and know all the latest tricks and they have the best and newest technology to get the job done easily and in a timely manner.  They also clean up all the grounds and take away all the lumber when they complete the job. Your property will be left looking better than when they started quaranteed.

Piano falls on owners head

IMG_20140718_135410018-SMILESo a giant baby grand piano could fall on your head and kill you without you even knowing it. You try to move your piano with the help of some friends who are not super strong and smart. They end up damaging your piano or dropping it out of the back of their truck all together. Next thing you know you’re out a bunch of money, your piano is ruined and your friends are all standing around expecting their pizza and beer you promised them. The worst thing is that you almost died trying to stop them from using a rope to lower the piano out the window. And now you have to pay a pro to come install a new window because the broke the old one removing it so they could fit a baby grand piano out it. So don’t even think about letting your friend move your favorite piece of furniture. You need to call piano movers dallas.

This company knows how to handle any job no matter how big or how many floors or how many flights of stairs. They can handle it all. They are smart and only hire the strongest movers in the world. All their employees are background tested and drug tested. You do not want some scandals muscle man coming in your house and looking around.  Dealing with the people of dallas piano moving company you will find their is a god. And he is shining down on you, spreading his grace all around you, your house, and the professional dallas piano movers. You will feel blessed and know that these movers only strive for perfection in everything they ever do. Your piano is the most precious thing in the whole entire world to them. Your complete and total satisfaction is the highest compliment they will ever need.

So save the link above for your most cherished friends and do not tell a sole about this incredible find in the moving world. Dallas piano moving now has a new secret genesi of a company and they will for sure take over just like Apple did so many years ago.

Riverside Family Law

The thing about living in the great city of Riverside Ca is that you have maSeal_of_California,_1998,_Riverside_Family_Law_Court,_Downtown_Riverside,_Californiany choice in legal representation. And when you have a family situation you can call the best attorney around. Riverside divorce lawyer. This law firm is the best on the west coast at defending women against the men who will not be loyal and try to get away with not paying their fair share in child support. Never worry again about how you will survive after you leave that sperm donor who has gotten fat and all he does is work all the time. He never brings you flowers anymore well he does not deserve anything in the bedroom. And if he ever does try anything just remember that is rape and you can have him put in jail. even if he does get you pregnant and cause himself to have to pay even more in child support. And lets not forget alimony, if you have been staying at home just working your fingers to the bone and have not had time to get a part time job to help out that if one. He will have to pay to keep you at a healthy quality of life and he will also pay you child support riverside you get even more money for every kid. If you have them full time then he will have to pay even more. So do not let him get a percentage of visitation or ownership in your children or you will have to pay even less. Make sure you stick it to the men out there and get as much as you possibly can when you can get it. This way you will at least be paid until the kids turn 18, and if you work the system wright you can even make him give you alimony long after the kids move out of the house. Just make sure you do not get married again or you will risk losing everything.

So to rap all this up the most important number is the one for family law riverside ca

Strange News as Cow is on Roof in Wichita

cow-on-roof-wichitaIf there wasn’t a picture you probably wouldn’t believe it – as was the story with the rest of Kansas late last weekend when it was reported that a cow had gone onto the roof of a barn at a small farm in Wichita. This absolutely ridiculously scenario actually did happen and you can find more about it here now. (If you ventured through, we hope you enjoy the rhetoric).

Really, this cow somehow got on the roof of it’s Wichita, KS barn even at that steep of a grade. It is assumed that he was able to get on the roof by a ramp that lead to the peak of a silo containing alfalfa which is probably what had lured the animal up onto the roof in the first place. The cow was literally scared shit-less as you can see by the surmounting goodness left on top of the roof here. He really made his mark in steady flow of brown progression.

They had to call the local fire department and a roofing company in Wichita Kansas to help rescue this animal from his apparent large mistake. This cow was stuck on this roof for at least a couple hours according to officials. We felt so bad for the animal that we wanted to give it it’s own personal interview.

Instead we received the owner of the cow and the barn and the only thing he had to say was ” I can’t believe the cow actually got on the roof “. It required a team of professional roofing contractors in Wichita KS along with the local fire department to help retrieve the animal from the roof.

Luckily he is unharmed and will survive to be a fine grown lad of a cow. Amen. This almost proves that Jesus must exist. Don’t forget to give props to the local fire department and police station, along with local roofing companies in Wichita, Kansas for helping get the animal off the barn roof. Roofing Contractors and Wichita Roofing Companies are going to give a statement later today. We hope to be around to hear what they have to say about these unbelievable shenanigans.

Leave us a comment letting us know what you think about this incredible story that is in fact most definitely true.

Kudos to you!

The Animals

When someone thinks of a tiger often times they think of a very beautiful creature.

When at places like the circus, it’s easy to get caught up in the majesty of the animals

as people are literally dancing with death.. Tempting these creatures with whips and etc.


Many times we forget these are wild animals that need to be free. It is in their nature

to be hunters and out in the wild but humans don’t always allow that for these majestic



That’s when you see things go wrong, and the animals attack. An African tiger or lion

may be one of the most benevolent creatures, but when they attack it goes quickly

from pretty to nasty, very fast.


Next time you go to the carnival, keep in mind that these are wild creatures that

deserve to be free and that horror may just be a moment away…